Marshal of Yugoslavia

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Marshal of Yugoslavia
Maršal Jugoslavije
Yugoslavia-Army-OF-10 (1947–1951).svg
Shoulder boards of the rank of Marshal of Yugoslavia.
Country Yugoslavia
Service branchLogo of the JNA.svg Yugoslav People's Army
NATO rankOF-11
FormationNovember 29, 1943
AbolishedMay 4, 1980
Next lower rankGeneral
AVNOJ decision on promoting Tito to the rank of Marshal of Yugoslavia

Marshal of Yugoslavia (Serbo-Croatian, Slovene: Maršal Jugoslavije, Cyrillic script: Маршал Југославије; Macedonian: Маршал на Југославија) was the highest rank of the Yugoslav People's Army (equivalent to field marshal), and, simultaneously, a Yugoslav honorific title.

History of the rank[edit]

The only person to ever hold the rank of "Marshal of Yugoslavia" was Josip Broz Tito, with the term "Marshal" becoming synonymous with his name in Yugoslavia. He received it at the second session of AVNOJ at Jajce on November 29, 1943, and held it until his death on May 4, 1980.[1]

Adjutants to the Marshal of Yugoslavia[edit]



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