Marshal of the Royal Australian Air Force

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For other countries which use this rank, see Marshal of the air force.
Marshal of the Royal Australian Air Force
Australia RAAF OF-10.svg
The MRAAF insignia
Country  Australia
Service branch  Royal Australian Air Force
Abbreviation MRAAF
Rank Five-star
NATO rank OF-10
Non-NATO rank O-11
Formation 2 June 1939 (1939-06-02) (honorary)
Next higher rank Governors of the Australian states (ceremonial)
Next lower rank Air chief marshal
Equivalent ranks

Marshal of the Royal Australian Air Force (MRAAF) is the highest rank of the Royal Australian Air Force and was created as a direct equivalent of the British Royal Air Force rank of Marshal of the Royal Air Force. It is considered a five-star rank.

It has only twice been awarded, each time as an honorary rank to a senior member of the Royal Family. On 2 June 1939 King George VI assumed the rank which he held until his death in 1952. Two years later in 1954, Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh was granted the rank. He was present at 50th anniversary celebrations of the Royal Australian Air Force in March 1971 as a marshal of the RAAF;[1] and continues to hold the rank to the present day.[2]

Marshal of the Royal Australian Air Force is a higher rank than air chief marshal. Marshal of the Royal Australian Air Force is a direct equivalent of admiral of the fleet in the Royal Australian Navy and field marshal in the Australian Army.

The insignia is four light blue bands (each on a slightly wider black band) over a light blue band on a black broad band.

Marshals of the Royal Australian Air Force[edit]

Appointed Name
2 June 1938 HM King George VI 14 December 1895 6 February 1952 King of Australia[3]
2 April 1954 HRH Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh 10 June 1921 Prince Consort to HM Queen Elizabeth II of Australia[1]

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