Marshal of the Royal Thai Air Force

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A Marshal of the RTAF shoulder insignia

Marshal of the Royal Thai Air Force (Thai: จอมพล อากาศ Chom Phon Akat) is a 5-star rank and the most senior rank in the Royal Thai Air Force. It is equivalent to a Field Marshal (or Chom Phon) in the Royal Thai Army and an Admiral of the Fleet (or Chom Phon Ruea) in the Royal Thai Navy. The rank of Marshal of the RTAF is also equivalent to the British rank of Marshal of the Royal Air Force.

The command flag for marshals of the RTAF shows five stars.

A Marshal of the RTAF's command flag

The following people have held the rank:

Year of promotion Officer Year of birth Year of death Notes
Fuen Ronnaphagrad Ritthakhanee 1900 1987 [1]
Chalermkiat Vatthanangkun 1914 1960 Awarded posthumously.
HM Queen Sirikit 1932 - Honorary rank.[2]
c. 1964 Thanom Kittikachorn 1912 2004 Promoted himself.

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