Marshall Capital

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Marshall Capital
First Hampshire & Dorset 41646.jpg
A Marshall Capital Interior with D&G Buses
Manufacturer Marshall
Body and chassis
Doors 1 or 2 doors
Floor type Low floor/Step-entrance
Chassis Dennis Dart SLF (low floor)
MAN 11.220 (step entrance)
Engine Cummins B-series/ISBe (Dennis Dart SLF)
MAN (MAN 11.220)
Capacity varies
Length varies
Width varies
Height varies
Successor MCV Stirling

The Marshall Capital was a single-decker bus body built by Marshall (later by MCV Bus and Coach) between 1997 and 2003. It was typically placed on the Dennis Dart SLF chassis. It has a double-curvature windscreen, an arched top with a separately mounted destination display and it has a peaked roof dome.

The most significant buyer was First London, purchasing more than 400 on the Dennis Dart SLF chassis for its Centrewest, Capital and London Buslines fleets. Many have been cascaded to other FirstGroup subsidiaries, across large parts of the UK. MTL purchased 76 for their London operations - all of which passed to Metroline in 1998 - as well as 75 for their Merseyside fleet. Other notable customers were London Central, Halton Transport, Warrington Borough Transport and Isle of Man Transport.

When Marshall was closed in 2002, MCV bought the design of the Capital body and production continued. MCV built only five Capital bodies on Dart SLFs for Warrington Borough Transport before TransBus ceased supplying Dart SLF chassis to MCV for body assembly.

The successor of the Marshall Capital body is the MCV Stirling midibus exclusively for the Dennis Dart SLF and the MAN 11.220 chassis.


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