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Marshall Hawkins (born July 14, 1939) is a jazz musician and teacher. A multi-instrumentalist, although best known as a bassist, he also plays piano, organ and drums.[1]

Hawkins grew up in Washington DC.[2] He is possibly best known for being one of several bassists who took over from Ron Carter when the latter left Miles Davis' so-called Second Great Quintet.[3] He later taught at the Idyllwild School of Music and the Arts (now Idyllwild Arts Academy) and currently is head of the Jazz Department as well as music director of the annual three-day Jazz in the Pines festival held on campus at Idyllwild Arts in Idyllwild, California each August. <inref name="stokes"/>

Hawkins, on bass, has been part of the West Coast version of the Harry Pickens Trio, featuring the renowned Louisville jazz pianist, with Harold Mason on drums.

Hawkins is revered by his students, no matter what instrument they play, particularly Evan Christopher, Jason Jackson, Graham Dechter, Casey Abrams, Mike Barnett and many others.

To the delight of his many fans, he continues to teach and play regular gigs in Idyllwild, California.



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