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Marshall Napier
Marshall James Napier

James Marshall Napier (born 22 October 1951) is a New Zealand-born character actor, playwright and graphic artist now living in Australia. He is the father of James Reuben Napier, actress Jessica Napier, and Rose Napier. He is the uncle of director James Napier Robertson.[1]

Before becoming an actor, Napier worked variously as a labourer, factory hand, and truck driver. He spent a year studying graphic design at the Wellington Polytechnic. In 1988 he moved with his wife and two young children to Australia to pursue a career in acting. He soon became established in theatre, film, and television. His play Freak Winds has been performed in Australia, New Zealand, USA and Canada; other plays have been broadcast on Australia's ABC radio.


A partial list of his theatre credits follows.

For Sydney Theatre Company:

For Belvoir Theatre:

For Melbourne Theatre Company:

For Old Fitzroy Theatre:

  • Freak Winds - Ernest
  • Angel City - Wheeler
  • The Schelling Point - Kubrick

For Q Theatre:

For Darlinghurst Theatre:

For Griffin Theatre:


His play Freak Winds was produced in 2006 in New York's upper west side.[4]

Partial filmography[edit]


Television Series[edit]


In 2002, he and his daughter, Jessica Napier, won $64,000 in the Australian version of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? for a South Australian animal rights group. Both are animal rights supporters and vegetarians.


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