Marshalltown, Nova Scotia

Coordinates: 44°34′53.36″N 65°48′6.85″W / 44.5814889°N 65.8019028°W / 44.5814889; -65.8019028
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Maude Lewis Memorial in Marshalltown

Marshalltown is a rural community located just west of Digby, There was once an almshouse and poor farm. Marshalltown was the birthplace of Samuel Ogden Edison Jr, father of Thomas Edison (1847-1931), and it was also the home of folk artist Maud Lewis (1903-1970) from 1938 until her death. Her small decorated house is preserved at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia in Halifax while a steel memorial sculpture inspired by the house has been erected at the original site in Marshalltown. A replica of the house and interior is located a few kilometres north of Marshalltown on the road to Digby Neck.[1]


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44°34′53.36″N 65°48′6.85″W / 44.5814889°N 65.8019028°W / 44.5814889; -65.8019028