Marsimik La

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Marsimik La
Elevation5,582 m (18,314 ft)[1]
Coordinates34°05′36″N 78°37′04″E / 34.09333°N 78.61778°E / 34.09333; 78.61778Coordinates: 34°05′36″N 78°37′04″E / 34.09333°N 78.61778°E / 34.09333; 78.61778

Marsimik La or Marsimek La, elevation 5,582 metres (18,314 ft) is a high mountain pass in the Chang-Chemno Range in northern India 96 km (60 mi) east of Leh, though much more by road.

Located about 20 km (10 mi) northeast of the northwest tip of Pangong Lake, the pass is on the shortest route from there to the contested Kongka Pass area some 45 km (28 mi) northeast of Marsimek La on the China-India line of actual control. Marsimik La is 4 kilometres (2.5 mi) west of the sharp 6,000 to 6,500 m (19,700 to 21,300 ft) ridgeline forming the line of actual control. It contains one of the highest motorable passes in the world.[2]


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