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Marston Donald Edward Conder (born September 1955) is a New Zealand mathematician, a Distinguished Professor of Mathematics at Auckland University,[1] and the former co-director of the New Zealand Institute of Mathematics and its Applications. His main research interests are in combinatorial group theory, graph theory, and their connections with each other.

Conder was born in Hamilton, New Zealand, and studied at Matamata College.[2] He earned a master's degree in social science from Waikato University in 1977, and a doctorate from Oxford University in 1980 under the supervision of Graham Higman.[2][3][4] He served as president of the New Zealand Mathematical Society from 1993 to 1995,[3] and as president of the Academy of the Royal Society of New Zealand from 2006 to 2008. In 2011 he was selected as the inaugural Maclaurin Lecturer, as part of a reciprocal exchange between the New Zealand Mathematical Society and the American Mathematical Society.[5]

Conder is a fellow of the New Zealand Mathematical Society and of the Royal Society of New Zealand,[3] and in 2012 became a fellow of the American Mathematical Society.[6] He was named as a Distinguished Alumnus of Waikato University for 2013.[7]

Marston Conder
ResidenceAuckland, New Zealand
NationalityNew Zealander
Scientific career
Doctoral advisorGraham Higman


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