Marsyas of Philippi

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Marsyas of Philippi (Ancient Greek: Μαρσύας, Κριτοφήμου, Φιλιππεύς; 3rd century BC) was a Macedonian Greek historian and the son of Critophemus. He was often called Marsyas the Younger (Greek: Μαρσύας ὁ Νεώτερος) to distinguish him from Marsyas of Pella, with whom he has frequently been confounded. The earliest writers by whom he is cited is Plinius and Athenaeus. The latter tells us that he also served as a priest of Heracles. His works were Μακεδονικά On Macedonia (6 books), Αρχαιολογία Archaeology (On Attica?) (12 books) and Μυθικά On Myths (7 books).