Martín Adjemián

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Martín Adjemián
Born December 12, 1932
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Died January 3, 2006(2006-01-03) (aged 73)

Martín Adjemián (December 12, 1932 – January 3, 2006) was an Argentine film and television actor of Armenian descent. He worked in the cinema of Argentina.[1]

He died on January 3, 2006 of cancer.

In 1988 he appeared in Asesinato a distancia.

One of his most recent role was in the critically acclaimed film La Ciénaga (2001).

Filmography (partial)[edit]

Television (partial)[edit]

  • 1000 millones (2002) TV Series aka Love Heritage
  • Sol negro (2003) (Mini TV Series)
  • Sangre fría (2004) (Mini TV Series)


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