Martín Almagro Basch

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Martín Almagro Basch
Museo Arqueológico Nacional - FD00334 - Martín Almagro Basch.jpg
Born Martín Almagro Basch
11 April 1911
Tramacastilla Spain
Died 24 August 1984 (1984-08-25) (aged 73)
Madrid Spain
Nationality Spanish
Occupation archaeologist, historian, writer
Employer Museo Arqueológico Nacional de España

Martín Almagro Basch (April 11, 1911 – August 24, 1984) was a Spanish archaeologist, historian, and writer. He fought in the Spanish civil war. He was an archaeology specialist, ranging from rock art to classic archaeology. He was a professor of early human history at the University of Madrid and Barcelona, and was Director of the Museo Arqueológico Nacional "MAN" de Madrid between 1968-1981. He directed the first spanish archeological expedition in Egypt. His contribution in the transfer and rescue of several egyptians temples was grateful by the Arab Republic with the concesion of the Debod temple, actualy in Madrid.


Martín Almagro Basch was born in Tramacastilla. In childhood he studied in the school of the Escolapios of Albarracín (Teruel), in 1928-1930 - in the University of Valencia and finally in the Central University of Madrid where he received his doctors degree and studied under Hugo Obermaier. He travelled to Germany where in 1930 he completed his studies.

In 1936 Martín Almagro Basch participated in Spanish Civil War and was listed as soldier in Falange Española de las JONS.[1]

In 1939 Martín Almagro Basch was appointed director of the Museum of Archaeology in Barcelona. In 1940 he was the chairman of the Ancient History of Spain in the University of Santiago, in 1943 professor of Prehistory of the University of Barcelona.

Martín Almagro Basch, 1950-1960


  • Introduction to Archaeology (1941)
  • Ampurias: History of the City and excavation guide (1951)
  • The necropolis of Ampurias (1955)
  • The Sovereign Lordship under Azagra Albarracin (1959)
  • Introduction to the study of prehistory and the field of archeology(1960)
  • Manual of Universal History. Prehistory (1960)
  • History of Albarracin and sierra (1959-1964)
  • The peninsular Southeast decorated trail (1966)
  • Prehistoric art in Spanish Sahara (1968)



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