Marta Ehrlich

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Marta Ehrlich
Marta Ehrlich.jpg
Born (1910-04-27)27 April 1910
Zagreb, Austro-Hungarian Empire, (now Croatia)
Died 15 March 1980(1980-03-15) (aged 69)
Zagreb, SFR Yugoslavia
Nationality Croat
Alma mater University of Zagreb
Spouse(s) Kamilo Tompa
Relatives Herman and Marija Ehrlich
Hugo Ehrlich
Mira Klobučar

Marta Ehrlich (27 April 1910 – 15 March 1980) was a Croatian painter.

Ehrlich was born in Zagreb on 27 April 1910. She was raised in a wealthy Jewish[1] family of Ernest and Erna Laura Ehrlich. Her father was building contractor, and her mother was school teacher. Ehrlich's were notable Zagreb family, her uncle was Hugo Ehrlich and her aunt was Mira Klobučar. Before the World War II, Ehrlich lived with her parents and two siblings at the Villa in Tuškanac which was designed by her uncle Hugo Ehrlich. She attended elementary and high school in Zagreb. Ehrlich graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts, University of Zagreb in 1934. After graduation, Ehrlich went to Paris in 1935, where she was perfecting her skills in the various painting techniques. She stayed in Paris for three years, before returning to Zagreb. After her return to Zagreb, she took private lessons from Vladimir Becić. Ehrlich beginnings in painting were marked by Becić influence. During her career, Ehrlich created a remarkable 227 paintings which constitute an invaluable section of Croatian visual art. Ehrlich was married to Kamilo Tompa, painter, with whom she lived and worked at the house in Šubićeva street. She painted until 1978, two years before she took her own life.[2][3][4][5] Ehrlich was buried at the Mirogoj Cemetery as Marta Tompa.[6]


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