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Marta Gómez Battelli
Marta Gomez 01.JPG
Personal information
Full name Marta Maria Gómez Battelli
Nationality  Spain
Born Spain
Sport Swimming

Marta Maria Gómez Battelli (born 22 December 1990) is a Paralympic swimmer from Spain who competed at the 2012 Summer Paralympics.[1]


Gómez has a mild visual impairment.[2][3] She is from Seville, Andalusia.[4] She attended Universidad Complutense de Madrid where she worked on a degree in social work.[5] In 2013, she balanced her swimming career and being student studying social work. Most of her classes were in the morning, followed by six hours of training, and evenings spent studying.[3] Her sister assisted her in managing her social media presence in 2013.[3] At the 2013 Municipal Sports Institute Seville awards, she was named the best female athlete with a disability.[6]


Wikinews interviews Marta Gomez

Gómez is an SM13 classified swimmer.[2][3] She is a 400 meter freestyle specialist.[3][7] Other distances she swims include the 100, and 200 meters.[3] She is affiliated with the Spanish Federation of Sports for the Blind (FEDC),[8] and is a member of Club Náutico Sevilla.[3][9]

Gómez competed at the 2011 IPC European Swimming Championships in Berlin, Germany, where she earned a bronze medal in the 200 meter freestyle and a bronze in the 100 meter breaststroke.[2][10][11][12] In 2012, she was based at the High Performance Center, Madrid and was coached by José Luis Vaquero.[5] Over the 2011/2012 winter, she competed in the national winter swimming championships where she set 14 national records.[5] She competed at the 2012 Summer Paralympics, after qualifying at the March 2012 national championships in Castellón.[5] Competition for the 2012 Paralympic spots was tough because despite meeting the minimum A qualifying time, Spain had only a limited number of spots to send swimmers to London so there was competition inside the team for them.[3] Prior to heading to London, she participated in a national vision impaired swim team training camp at the High Performance Centre of Sant Cugat from 6 to 23 August. Daily at the camp, there were two in water training sessions and one out of water training session.[13]

Gómez competed at the 2013 Swimming Championship of Catalonia, hosted by the Sabadell Swimming Club.[14] She qualified for the World Championships in 2012 at competition where she won the 00 meter freestyle and 200 individual medley events in Spanish record times.[9] She competed at the 2013 IPC Swimming World Championships,[7][15][16] where she won a silver medal.[3] In 2013, she was working to qualify for the 2016 Summer Paralympics.[3] In 2013, she was one of seven Paralympic sportspeople to get a 2013/2014 "Iberdrola Foundation Scholarship" that was awarded by the Spanish Paralympic Committee, Iberdrola Foundation, the Spanish Sports Council and the Spanish Ministry of Social Services and Equality. It provided him with €490 a month for the ten academic months of the year.[17][18]


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