Marten Jozef Geeraerts

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Autumn, grisaille painting (oil on canvas), now in the Mauritshuis

Marten Jozef Geeraerts (1707–1791), a Flemish historical painter, born at Antwerp, was intended for the law, and studied in the Jesuits' College. Preferring art, however, he became a pupil of Abraham Godijn, and was made free of the Guild of St. Luke in 1731. In 1741 he became one of the six directors of the Academy of Antwerp, who filled that office gratuitously. He died at Antwerp in 1791. He excelled in grisaille painting in imitation of bas-reliefs, of which there are the following examples:

  • Antwerp. Gallery. The Fine Arts. 1760.
  • Brussels. Gallery. Christ and the Disciples at Bmmaus, The Saviour at the House of Simon the Pharisee, The Sons of Aaron punished by Fire from Heaven, The Woman taken in Adultery, Abraham and Melchisedeck, The Sacrifice of Abraham and The Sacrifice of Eli
  • Hague. Museum. Autumn.
  • Lille. Museum. Children with Goat.
  • Vienna. Gallery. Cupid and Psyche.