Marten River

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Marten River
Country Canada
Basin features
Main source Marten Lakes
779 m (2,556 ft)
55°35′28″N 114°37′43″W / 55.59111°N 114.62861°W / 55.59111; -114.62861
River mouth Lesser Slave Lake
577 m (1,893 ft)
55°30′52″N 114°56′15″W / 55.51444°N 114.93750°W / 55.51444; -114.93750 (Sturgeon River mouth)Coordinates: 55°30′52″N 114°56′15″W / 55.51444°N 114.93750°W / 55.51444; -114.93750 (Sturgeon River mouth)

See also Marten River, Ontario

The Marten River is a short river in central Alberta. The Marten is one of the major inflows of Lesser Slave Lake, which drains through the Lesser Slave River, a major tributary of the Athabasca River. Significant debate exists regarding the origin of the river's name. One theory suggests the river, as well as nearby Marten Mountain were named for a local trapper. The other theory suggests the river and mountain were named for martens, a weasel that inhabits the region. The Geological Survey of Canada used the name Martin River on an 1892 map.[1]

The river forms to the north of Marten Mountain at the outlet of the westernmost Marten Lake. It flows southwest before passing under Alberta Highway 88. It enters Lesser Slave Lake at the northern tip of Lesser Slave Lake Provincial Park[2]

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