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Marteria sonnenrot festival 2011 eching germany 4.jpg
Marteria performing at Sonnenrot Festival 2011
Background information
Born (1982-12-04) 4 December 1982 (age 34)
Rostock, East Germany
Origin Germany
Genres Hip hop, electro, alternative hip hop
Years active 1998–present
Labels Four Music

Marten Laciny (born 4 December 1982), better known by his stage name Marteria, is an electronic/rap artist from Rostock, Germany.

His stage name is derived from his first name, and also the Latin word 'materia' meaning 'matter' or 'substance'. He has met with success in Germany (his 2012 collaboration with Yasha and Miss Platnum, "Lila Wolken", reached Number 1 in the German music charts) and the single 'Verstrahlt', featuring Yasha, was included in the console game FIFA 12.

His alternative stage name is Marsimoto (see section). Before his music career, he was a successful football player and male model.


Laciny was born to a teacher (mother) and a sailor (father), and spent his childhood in the district of Lichtenhagen in Rostock. A talented footballer, he played for the youth team of F.C. Hansa Rostock, that he still maintains a close relationship with. He played under Horst Hrubesch up in the U-17 squad of the German national football team.

When he was discovered in 1999 during a trip to New York City by a model scout, he got model assignments all over the world.He worked for Diesel and Hugo Boss, among others, after which he discontinued his modeling and went back to Rostock to pursue his rap career.

In 2003 he moved to Berlin. There he trained as an actor at a Drama School. He has one son, and now lives in Berlin's Kreuzberg district.

Music career[edit]

At the age of 16, Marteria was a member of the hip-hop group 'Underdog Cru', signed to the label Posin music. At 18, Marteria then signed his first solo contract with Punchline/SPV, and released his debut album. In 2002 he went as part of the Underdog Cru on a European tour with other British and German groups. A year before, in 2001, he performed as part of the Underdog Cru in the largest hip-hop and reggae festival in Europe, 'Splash!'.

His debut album, Halloziehnation, was praised by the press, and the scene magazine Juice awarded 4 1/2 of 6 stars. He then released his second album Base Ventura. These two albums he released on the label Magnum12, where he laid the foundations for his current career. In late Autumn 2007 he signed a contract with the music publisher Nesola. In December 2007, under his other pseudonym Marsimoto, he accompanied Jan Delay as tour support. In spring 2008 he signed a label deal with Four Music, but has since been released.[citation needed]


In addition to his stage name Marteria, he is also known under the pseudonym Marsimoto.[1] Marsimoto originated as a tribute to the alter ego of rapper Quasimoto Madlib due to an altered high pitched voice. The sound differs considerably from the Marteria sound, as he uses more electronic, reggae music and dubstep elements as Marsimoto. This alter ego resulted from a jam session and was later used by Marten Laciny at performances. Due to the positive response, he decided to release albums as Marsimoto. As Marsimoto, he published his solo albums "Halloziehnation", "Zu zweit allein", "Grüner Samt" and "Ring der Nebelungen". A common leitmotif of all Marsimoto albums is the exaggerative consumption of Cannabis.



  • 2007: Base Ventura
  • 2010: Zum Glück in die Zukunft
  • 2014: Zum Glück in die Zukunft II
  • 2017: Roswell
  • 2009: Zum König geboren (feat. Son of Dave)
  • 2010: Verstrahlt (feat. Yasha)
  • 2010: Marteria Girl
  • 2011: Sekundenschlaf (feat. Peter Fox)
  • 2012: Lila Wolken (Marteria, Yasha & Miss Platnum)
  • 2013: Blue Uganda (Marteria, Maeckes, Lady Slyke, Bris Jean, Abramz, Sylvester)
  • 2013: Big Bang
  • 2013: Bengalische Tiger
  • 2013: Kids (2 Finger an den Kopf)
  • 2014: "OMG!"
  • 2017: Aliens (feat. Teutilla)
  • 2017: Das Geld muss weg
  • 2017: Scotty beam mich hoch
Free Tracks
  • 2007: Hintergedanken
  • 2007: Remmi Demmi (Osten Powers Remix)
  • 2009: Neue Nikes
  • 2010: Maradona-Shirt
  • 2012: Feuer (Marteria, Yasha & Miss Platnum)
Juice Exclusives
  • 2002: Wer nicht wagt der nicht gewinnt (feat. Underdog Cru & DJ Lord Wax) (Juice-CD #16)
  • 2002: Geschichten (feat. Pussi & Gross A) (Juice-CD #18)
  • 2007: New Kids On the Block II - Flash Gordon (Juice-CD #75)
  • 2007: Rapper des Monats (feat. Marsimoto) (Juice-CD #77)
  • 2007: Was ihr redet (feat. Ercandize, Vega und Separate) (Juice-CD #80)
  • 2008: Der Penis deiner Frau (Juice-CD #83)
  • 2008: 2 Mann Armee (feat. Marsimoto) (Juice-CD #86)
  • 2009: MFG (Mit Füßen getreten) (feat. King Orgasmus One) (Juice-CD #100)
  • 2012: Lila Wolken (Stickles Krabbe Remix) (with Miss Platnum and Yasha) (Juice Exclusive! auf Juice-CD #113)


  • 2006: Halloziehnation
  • 2008: Zu zweit allein
  • 2012: Grüner Samt
  • 2015: Ring der Nebelungen
  • 2011: Green Juice EP (Juice Exclusive EP)
  • 2011: Barfuß durch den Park
  • 2012: Romeo & Julia
  • 2012: Wir sind Marsi (feat. Kid Simius)
Juice Exclusives
  • 2006: Alarmstufe Dope (Juice-CD #66)
  • 2007: Rapper des Monats (feat. Marteria) (Juice-CD #77)
  • 2007: Phantom der Opfer (feat. Maeckes & Plan B) (Juice-CD #78)
  • 2007: Grüne Brille (Juice Remix) (Juice-CD #82)
  • 2008: 2 Mann Armee (feat. Marteria) (Juice-CD #86)
  • 2008: Todesliste (Juice-CD #91)
  • 2012: Mir ist kalt (Juice-CD #140)


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