Martha Asahi

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Martha Asahi
Martha in Yaoicon.jpg
Martha in Yaoicon 2015
Born郡雅代 (Kori Masayo)
Osaka, Japan

Martha Asahi (旭まあさ, asahi ma-sa) is a Japanese professional comic artist and Cosplayer, graduate of Osaka University of Arts, mother of one. From 2013 to 2015, she had been leave for three years. One of the Global cross-dressing osplayer duo VENaS Japan, and she is a rare cosplayer who doing a lot of works which got permission from Japanese copyright.

Comic artsist activities[edit]

  • Kare wa Beauty-Beast (Online), 07/17/2014, Frontier Works Inc
  • Hatsujo Signal (Online), 02/28/2013, Wedge Holdings CO., LTD.
  • Nayameru Giin no Renai Kiyaku ISBN 978-4775517574, 09/12/2011, Oakla publishing
  • BL karuta -Seme(Illustration) ISBN 978-4861171888, 01/01/2011, Bunendo publishing
  • Moso Hello Work ISBN 978-4904835210, 12/21/2010, Taiseisha publishing
  • Starry Sky in spring ISBN 978-4861171765, 02/27/2010, Bunendo publishing
  • Kimi o Nakasetai! ISBN 978-4775513637, 05/12/2009, Oakla publishing
  • Teni myu -Tennis Museum ISBN 978-4861171741, 01/12/2009, MARo publishing
  • Chomiryo Gijinka ISBN 978-4861171727, 01/12/2009, Sosaku Kobo inc.

Long-term contracts cosplay[edit]

Official promotional cosplayer[edit]

Event gusets[edit]


Collaborated cafe[edit]



  • Coscos-Playplay. Fuji TV-one
  • Tokyo Game Show Cure Cosplay Night 2011–present
  • 2012 Karaoke-DAM, promotional image cosplayer
  • 2013 Love Hina , Ken Akamatsu authorized cosplayer for a charity
  • 2016 ROCKSIN Interview[11]


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