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Martha Elisabeth Ehlin (29 August 1977 – 19 March 2016) was a Swedish sports teacher and founder of the organisation MOD – Mer organdonation.[1] At the age of thirty she got a cancer diagnosis and was saved by an organ transplatation in which she received five new organs. After this incident, Ehlin founded MOD – Mer organdonation together with Peter Carstedt.[1] At the World Transplant Games 2011, an athletic competition for people with transplants, she won five gold medals when the competitions were held in Gothenburg.[2]

She became known to the Swedish audience when she hosted an episode of Sommar i P1 at Sveriges Radio on 17 July 2013.[2] She was awarded the Årets kämpe (Fighter of the year) at the Svenska hjältar (Swedish heroes) gala which was broadcast on TV4 on 20 December 2013.[3]

She died of cancer on 19 March 2016.[1]


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