Martha Graham (supercentenarian)

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Martha Graham
Born December 1844
Died June 25, 1959
(aged 114 years, 180 days)
Fayetteville, North Carolina
Known for Oldest person

Martha Graham (December 1844[1][2] – June 25, 1959) was an American supercentenarian who became the oldest person ever recorded, a title she held until the 1980s, when she was surpassed by Mathew Beard.

Life and longevity[edit]

Little is known about Graham's life. She was born into slavery in December 1844.[1][2] Upon the death of Betsy Baker on October 24, 1955, Graham became the oldest person in the world.[2] Sometime in July 1958, Graham surpassed Delina Filkins's 1928 record as the oldest person ever recorded.[3]

On June 25, 1959, Graham died, aged 114 years, c.180 days in Fayetteville, North Carolina.[1] Succeeding her as oldest person alive was James Henry Brett, Jr., another American.[4] However, since at least 2012, her and James Henry Brett, Jr.'s record was revoked by Guinness World Records.[5]


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