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Martha Ratliff is a leading specialist in Hmong–Mien languages and professor at Wayne State University. She is also notable for her recent reconstruction of the Proto-Hmong–Mien language.


  • Ratliff, Martha (1992). Meaningful Tone: A Study of Tonal Morphology in Compounds, Form Classes, and Expressive Phrases in White Hmong. Dekalb, Illinois: Center for Southeast Asian Studies, Northern Illinois University. ISBN 1-877979-77-5. 
  • Ratliff, Martha (2004). Tapp, Michaud, Culas, and Lee, eds. Vocabulary of Environment and Subsistence in the Hmong–Mien Protolanguage. Symposium on the Hmong/Miao in Asia. Chiang Mai, Thailand: Silkworm Books. pp. 147–165.  Manuscript.
  • Ratliff, Martha (2010). Hmong–Mien-language history. Canberra, Australia: Pacific Linguistics. ISBN 0-85883-615-7. 

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