Martha and Eve

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Martha and Eve
Also known asDonna and Kebab, Donna and Kbb
OriginLondon, UK
GenresFolk, Rock, Soul
Years active1990-Present
WebsiteOfficial Website
MembersMartha Lewis, Eve Polycarpou

Martha Lewis and Eve Polycarpou, also known as Donna & Kebab are a British-born Greek-Cypriot music and comedy duo.


Martha Lewis[edit]

Martha D Lewis was born in Archway, London. Her composing career began on guitar and voice at the age of 8. In her early musical career she fronted her first semi-pro R'n'B covers band at 14 and went on to complete a performing arts degree BA (Hons) where she majored in music. Over the next five years, Martha developed a career both as a recording and live session musician and vocalist in London.

Lewis's route then changed in 1987 through the creation with Eve Polycarpou of the comedy and music duo Donna & Kebab. The duo rapidly went on to accumulate TV, radio and theatre credits and in 1993, renamed donna & kbb, focused their attention on their song-writing partnership.

Lewis has been a featured vocalist on soundtrack albums and club singles. She has also written and performed on radio adverts and has written music for TV documentaries and short films.

Eve Polycarpou[edit]

Polycarpou was born in Brighton. She is an actress, singer, songwriter, composer, guitarist, voice over artist, script writer, presenter and teacher. She met Lewis in 1987 and together began their comedy and music duo.

The duo, have since recorded two albums, a club single, and toured Europe and the Middle East, with recordings which chart their acoustic 'Mediterranean-soul' style.

Change of direction[edit]

The change of name from to donna & kbb marked the change of direction in their partnership; eventually changing their name to Martha and Eve. The change of direction was to focus attention on their songwriting partnership. They have made many recordings including their debut album, and Donna & KBB Are Martha And Eve (1996). They have also written music for television & film.


Album Year
Absolutely Live 2003
Stay 2001
5 Track Sampler 1999

Donna & KBB Are Martha And Eve



  • Donna And Kebab - Live At The Hackney Empire