Marthoman Jacobite Syrian Cathedral, Mulanthuruthy

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Marthoman Cathedral
Mulanthuruthy Marthoman Church
Marthoman Cathedral is located in Kerala
Marthoman Cathedral
Marthoman Cathedral
Marthoman Cathedral is located in India
Marthoman Cathedral
Marthoman Cathedral
11°10′30″N 75°55′07″E / 11.1750°N 75.9187°E / 11.1750; 75.9187Coordinates: 11°10′30″N 75°55′07″E / 11.1750°N 75.9187°E / 11.1750; 75.9187
LocationMulanthuruthy, Ernakulam district, Kerala
DenominationMalankara Syrian Orthodox Church
TraditionSyriac, Malayalam
Founded1100 AD
DedicationSt. Thomas
DioceseKochi diocese

Mulanthuruthy Marthoman Cathedral is located at Mulanthuruthy in Ernakulam district of Kerala. It is a pilgrimage centre for Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church[1] and the home parish of Saint Gheevarghese Mar Gregorios of Parumala, a religious leader of Malankara Syrian Christians who was canonised by the Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church and the Syriac Orthodox Church.

The church was built in 1550 by the Knanaya Tharakan (minister) Kunchacko of the Kunnassery Family. Due to an altercation between the Syrian Christians and the Kingdom of Vadakkankur, Kunchacko had gathered the Knanaya of Kaduthuruthy Church as well as all St. Thomas Christians he could find within Vadakkankur and moved them to Mulanthuruthy. Upon arrival Kunchacko had sanctioned the building of the Mulanthuruthy Church. Later the Knanaya were called back to their home church of Kaduthuruthy by the descendants of the King of Vadakkankur, leaving Mulanthuruthy Church in the care and protection of the St. Thomas Christians who remained their. [2][3]

A noteworthy feature of this church is a relic of Thomas the Apostle, which was brought from Mosul.[4]

Mulanthuruthy church was the venue of the Mulanthuruthy Sunnahados held on the year 1876.[citation needed] Situated 32 kilometres (20 mi)} from Cochin International Airport, pilgrims visit to view the murals and the tombs of different bishops.[citation needed]


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