Martial Heroes

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Developer(s) CR Space
Publisher(s) Game Entertainment Europe
Platform(s) Windows
Genre(s) Fantasy MMORPG
Mode(s) MMO

Martial Heroes is a 3D fantasy MMORPG created by the South Korean game developer CR Space. The game is set in an ancient Oriental world with a Martial Arts theme. Martial Heroes was released in 2004 and was closed October 1, 2010.


Different from other major MMORPGs, players throw the stone in the monsters face certain requirements before joining a guild. They have to be of a certain level and may need in-game money to finish a quest before they can join a guild in the game. There are many different types of guilds a player is able to create or join. This ability depends on the level the player is, the amount in-game money needed and/or successful completion of a certain quest.

A player can become a MUN Master by being over level 48 with 4000 fame and it costs 100 gold. As a MUN master a player are given extra guild functions like ‘guild mark’ and ‘donations function’. MUN master guilds can be part of a guild war. They can take strong points in the area and hold positions for certain advantages.

If you are advanced player (48lvl+) you can upgrade your guild to GYO level and after that to PYO but you need to destroy guild stone that is respawned by time, to do this you need strong members because you are not the only person who want it and your guild must be at grade 6 or less.

Guild areas[edit]

If an area is not yet claimed by a guild owner, it is called a free zone and every guild above level 10 can claim that area by using a Mahesty stone near an area stone. Area stones can only be awakened by MUN masters. Guilds can steal an area from another guild by declaring war to the area owner during guild war. Guild war occurs every 2 weeks.

By owning a guild stone the guild gets certain advantages like increased attack power points, defense points, mana points, health points, attack success rate and final attack rate increased by a certain rate.

Fame system[edit]

From level 36 a player can receive fame. With fame points you can view other players reputation, where reputation can be gain or lost depending on your actions. A player can gain fame by hitting the game master, and kill some npc. Depending on the amount of fame a player receives a nickname, depending on the faction the player has joined.

The top 50 players of each faction will receive a special ranking, called face palm ranking. Face palm ranking is calculated by the amount of fame a player has accumulated versus other players fame count. The special rank will be shown by a tag above the character name. When not logged in the game for three months, players will be removed from the ranking system.

Also you can use your fame to switch off your bad karma reputation called "KAO" which is given by attacking defendless players in normal world excluding Dead Land that is made for pvp between lawful faction and evil faction.


There are four kinds of characters: warrior, assassin, mage and monk.

Warrior: The warrior class is the standard strength class and used in close combat fighting. Their main weapons include scimitars, the axe and spears. Warriors focus more on vitality, strength and dexterity

Assassin: The assassin is the focused on quick attacks and the only female class in the game. Their main weapons include a bow, claw and a dagger. Assassins focus more on strength, agility, and dexterity.

Mage: The mage is specialized in Magic Martial Arts but are also able to wield weapons. Their primary weapons include swords, fighting fans and Gauntlets. Mages focus on dexterity, agility, and intelligence.

Monk: The monk class can specialize in many different Martial Arts like blessings and healing but also offense martial arts by using a staff. The Monk uses rods, wheels or a plummet and prefers to use protection skills. Monks focus on dexterity, intelligence, and vitality.

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