Martial Law 2: Undercover

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Martial Law 2: Undercover
Directed byKurt Anderson
Produced bySteven Cohen
Written byRichard Brandes
StarringJeff Wincott
Cynthia Rothrock
Paul Johansson
Music byElliot Solomon
CinematographyPeter Fernberger
Edited byMichael Thibault
Release date
  • October 1991 (1991-10)
Running time
92 minutes
CountryUnited States

Martial Law 2: Undercover (also known as Karate Cop and Martial Law II) is a 1991 martial arts film written by Richard Brandes and Jiles Fitzgerald, produced by Steve Cohen, directed by Kurt Anderson and stars Jeff Wincott, Cynthia Rothrock, Paul Johansson, L. Charles Taylor, Sherrie Rose, and Billy Drago. It is also the sequel to the 1990 film Martial Law.[1]


Investigating the mysterious death of a colleague, LAPD cops Sean Thompson, who is now a detective, and "Billie" Blake begin to uncover a deadly ring of murder and corruption. Their search leads to a nightclub, where the rich and powerful are entertained by a stable of beautiful girls and protected by martial arts experts hired by a ruthless crime lord. When Thompson is called off the investigation by his commander, Billie goes undercover and infiltrates the ring on her own; soon, both are facing impossible odds in a climactic battle.

Release dates[edit]

The film made its world debut at the American Film Market in October 1991, but would eventually see wide release in the United States only on home video. In the Philippines, where Rothrock was already an A-list star, the film opened in January 1992, exhibited in Manila theaters as a "super roadshow presentation" with tickets priced at P 14 for orchestra seats and P 18 for the balcony.[2] The movie would be released on videocassette in August 1992 by MCA/Universal Home Video. The film was released on DVD in Europe, by Bellevue Entertainment. It is part of a movie package that also contains Savate, Martial Law and Mission of Justice, but the film has yet to arrive onto DVD in the United States.


  • Jeff Wincott: Det. Sean Thompson
  • Cynthia Rothrock: Billie Blake
  • Paul Johansson: Spencer Hamilton
  • Evan Lurie: Tanner
  • Charles Taylor: Dobbs (as L. Charles Taylor)
  • Sherrie Rose: Bree
  • Billy Drago: Captain Krantz
  • Deborah Driggs: Tiffany
  • Conroy Gedeon: Jones
  • Kimber Sissons: Celeste
  • Leo Lee: Han
  • Max Thayer: Captain Banks
  • John Vidor: Sonny
  • Nicholas Hill: Jorge
  • Dagny Hultgreen: Kristine Richards
  • Ken Duncan: Brad Hamilton
  • Lou Palumbo: Al Murphy
  • Pat Asanti: George
  • Oscar Dillon: Jones Bodyguard #1
  • Rico McClinton: Jones Bodyguard #2
  • Addison Cook: Bob (as Addison Cook Porter IV)
  • Bridget Carney: Flash Dancer
  • Michael Anthony Taylor: Talking Cop (as Michael-Anthony Taylor)
  • Gregg Brazzel: Bo
  • Jeffrey Scott Jensen: Plainclothes #1
  • Christopher Ursitti: Cop #1
  • Denice Duff: Nancy Borelli (as Denice Marie Duff)
  • Lumpy Strathmore: Officer Dickens
  • Matthew Powers: Rick
  • Lou Voiler: Dude
  • Fritz Lieber: Lenny

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