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Martial d'Auvergne (Martial of Auvergne, Martial of Paris, 1420–1508) was a French poet. Originally from Auvergne, he served as notary at Châtelet, and later as attorney (procureur) for the Paris parlement.

His most important work are the Vigilles de Charles VII à neuf psaumes et neuf leçons (1493, edited 1724), a versified chronicle of the Hundred Years' War.

His other works include Les Louenges de la benoiste Vierge Marie (1492), a devotional poem dedicated to Mary and the satirical Les Arrêts d’amour (undated, in prose) and L’Amant rendu cordelier à l’Observance d’amour (1490, in verse).

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  • Gérard Gros, Martial d'Auvergne et les Matines de la Vierge : étude sur les formes de la dévotion mariale au temps de Louis XI, 1994.

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