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Martin A Smith (born in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, UK) is an English artists composer and writer whose work is concerned with the spirit of place and the creation and reflection of atmosphere.

He creates immersive, multi-layered pieces that reinterpret or enhance our emotional response to the nature of place, memory and environment.

His work has been shown in galleries around the world and his music has been released internationally.


Early years[edit]

Smith grew up in rural Buckinghamshire, son of an antiquarian horologist and a social worker. He has one brother.

Selected Discography[edit]

Dialogue With The River The Fatigue Of Sunlight And Wine Salt Monotone Symphony Sound Portrait Of Alan Turing The Sound Of Hours Scene One: A Field Bend It Like Beckett Antibothis Spring Goeth All In White Vampire Killers Luminal - Film soundtrack Landscape Number 1 Dildano - The Last Of England Dildano - Fruit Stone Idols - Reversion Encyclopaedia Of The Dead Triphoprisy IV Lost In Space Sonic Avatar Under A Glass Bell I Long To Hear The Music Of Picasso’s Guitars Ether Venice In The Rain You, Me And My Mum Iona Chanute Have A Nice Day Music From The Twelve Hour Celebration Of Spring