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Martinus Becanus (6 January 1563 – 24 January 1624) was a Dutch-born Jesuit priest, known as a theologian and controversialist.


He was born Maarten Schellekens in Hilvarenbeek in North Brabant; Schellekens is a patronymic and he adopted a Latinized form of the surname Van (Hilvaren)Beek. He entered the Society of Jesus on 22 March 1583, and taught Theology for twenty-two years at Würzburg, Mainz, and Vienna.[1]

He died in Vienna, where he was the confessor to the Emperor Ferdinand II.


A first class controversialist and prolific writer Becanus is the author of some 37 books, most of them works of polemics.

Among numerous other works was his Summa Theologiae Scholasticae.



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