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Martin Roy Cheek (born 1960) is a botanist and taxonomist at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.[1]

Cheek attended the University of Reading, graduating with a B.Sc. in 1981 and a M.Sc. in 1983. He earned his DPhil at the University of Oxford in 1989.[1]


With Matthew Jebb, Cheek revised the pitcher plant genus Nepenthes in two major monographs: a skeletal revision in 1997[2] and a more in-depth treatment of the Malesian species for Flora Malesiana in 2001.[3]

In these and other works, Cheek has described a number of species new to science, often in collaboration with Jebb. These include: N. abalata,[4] N. abgracilis,[5] N. alzapan,[6] N. argentii,[2] N. aristolochioides,[2] N. cid,[5] N. danseri,[2] N. diatas,[2] N. extincta,[7] N. hurrelliana,[8] N. kitanglad,[7] N. kurata,[7] N. lamii,[2] N. leyte,[7] N. mira,[9] N. murudensis,[2] N. negros,[10] N. ramos,[11] N. robcantleyi,[12] N. samar,[13] N. thai,[14] and N. ultra.[15] Cheek and Jebb also raised N. macrophylla to species rank.[2]

Cheek and his research are featured in the documentary The Mists of Mwanenguba.[16]


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