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Martin Farach-Colton is an American computer scientist, known for his work in streaming algorithms, suffix tree construction, pattern matching in compressed data, cache-oblivious algorithms, and lowest common ancestor data structures. He is a professor of computer science at Rutgers University,[1] and a co-founder of storage technology startup company Tokutek.[2]

Farach-Colton is of Argentine descent, and grew up in South Carolina. While attending medical school, he came out as gay, and met his future husband, with whom he now has twin children.[3] Farach-Colton is an avid Brazilian jiu-jitsu practitioner and received a bronze medal at the 2015 World Master Jiu-Jitsu IBJJF Championship.[4] He obtained his Ph.D. in 1991 from the University of Maryland, College Park under the supervision of Amihood Amir.[5] He was program chair of the 14th ACM-SIAM Symposium on Discrete Algorithms (SODA 2003).[6]

The cache-oblivious B-tree data structures studied by Bender, Demaine, and Farach-Colton beginning in 2000 became the basis for the fractal tree index used by Tokutek's products TokuDB and TokuMX.[2]

Farach-Colton also serves on several charity boards including the Ali Forney Center and Lamda Legal.[7]

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