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Martin Goeres (born August 12, 1984) is a German actor and stuntman.


Born in West Berlin, Goeres started his acting career at the age of 10. Staying in the business throughout his youth, he decided to pursue a career as a stuntman due to his martial arts and fighting skills. Co-founding the 'Perfect Action Stunt Team' also led him to work behind the camera as a pyrotechnican and stunt coordinator. He has since committed himself to extensive study with Giles Foreman, Reuven Adiv, Tony Woolf, renowned acting coach Larry Moss, and others. After several years of working for international productions like "Dracula", "Mission Impossible - Rouge Nation", "Wonder Woman" and others Martin Goeres founded his own full action service company "MG ACTION - to serve the story®" with which he connects all his experience.



  • 1995: Flieg Opa, flieg! (TV)
  • 2000: Heidi M.
  • 2003: Familie Dr. Kleist (TV)
  • 2004: Before the Fall
  • 2005: Winter Journey
  • 2008: Ninja Assassin
  • 2010: HANNA

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