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Thunder Bunny
Publication information
Publisher Charlton Comics, Red Circle Comics, WaRP Graphics, Apple Comics
First appearance Charlton Bullseye #6 (Mar. 1982)
Created by Martin Greim
In-story information
Alter ego Bobby Caswell
Abilities Super strength, ability to fly.

Thunderbunny is a comic book character created by Martin Greim,[1] a boy who transforms into a superhero who resembles a large pink humanoid rabbit.

Publication history[edit]

Thunderbunny's first appearance published by a major company was Charlton Bullseye #6 (Mar. 1982), published by Charlton Comics. Thunderbunny made a subsequent appearance in that title's 10th edition.

The character then moved briefly to Archie Comics, appearing in Thunderbunny #1 as part of Red Circle Comics, a short-lived revival of the Archie Comics superhero characters. Thunderbunny appeared in Blue Ribbon Comics #13 (Oct.1984), co-starring in a story also featuring the Fly, Shield, The Web and the Jaguar, The All New Adventures of the Mighty Crusaders #7, and Pep Comics #393 (March 1984).

Thunderbunny then moved to WaRP Graphics for a six-issue run (June 1985 - Feb. 1986), with an additional story in Warp Graphics Annual #1. Issues #7-12 were published by Apple Comics (Apr. 1986 - Nov. 1987).

Character history[edit]

Thunderbunny was the last survivor of an alien race of humanoid animals. The essence of this world's greatest hero was transferred into a special box shaped device and subtly presented to a young boy named Bobby Caswell.

When Bobby placed his hands in two hand-shaped impressions on the box, power transferred into his body and gave him the ability to transform into Thunderbunny. His powers include super strength and flight.

Bobby finds the bunny form embarrassing. Furthermore the longer he stays in that form, the more difficult it is to form the essential mental image of his original form to change back. This combination of concerns makes him most reluctant to use his superhero identity, but he's still had adventures as Thunderbunny.

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