Martin Henriksson

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Martin Henriksson
Dark Tranquillity Summerbreeze2007 05.jpg
Martin Henriksson of Dark Tranquillity
Background information
Birth name Hans Martin Knut Henriksson[1]
Born (1974-10-30) 30 October 1974 (age 42)
Gothenburg, Sweden
Genres Melodic death metal, heavy metal
Instruments Guitar, bass
Years active 1989–2016
Labels Century Media, Osmose Productions, Spinefarm
Associated acts Dark Tranquillity

Martin Henriksson (born 30 October 1974) is a Swedish musician best known for his work with death metal band Dark Tranquillity and was one of the founding members, and the main songwriter for the band until he left them in 2016.


When Dark Tranquillity formed in 1989 Henriksson was the bassist up until 1999. He switched to guitar when their ex-guitarist Fredrik Johansson quit, but recorded bass on Construct. He composed much of the band's music throughout his tenure, especially between Projector and Fiction.

On March 2016, Dark Tranquillity announced Henriksson's departure from the band.[2]


In Dark Tranquillity, he plays both rhythms and melodies. He is known for his smooth playing style, while Niklas Sundin, Dark Tranquillity's other guitarist, has a more harsh style. He normally does not play solos (Sundin usually performs them).[3] Some exceptions to that are the songs 'Focus Shift' and 'Lost to Apathy', in whose videos Martin is seen playing slow, smooth leads. His riffs are sometimes complemented with pick slides and harmonics. When he was on bass (using picks), he also played melodies.


Martin's main stage guitars include a Gibson Explorer and a Gibson Les Paul Studio Lite. He previously used Rocktron Prophesy rack mounted pre-amps, but after the Damage Done tour, he and Niklas Sundin begun using Peavey 5150 and Mesa/Boogie Dual Rectifier amplifiers along with Behringer V-AMP 2 PRO modeling processors. In the making off We Are The Void, they show a Peavey 6505s.


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