Martin Hyland

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For the Irish gangster, see Martin "Marlo" Hyland.
Martin Hyland
Professor Martin Hyland.jpg
Residence Cambridge, England
Institutions King's College, Cambridge
Thesis Recursion Theory on the Countable Functionals (1975)
Doctoral advisor Robin Gandy
Doctoral students Sean Carmody
Eugenia Cheng
Valeria Correa Vaz de Paiva
Murdoch Gabbay
Richard Garner
Aaron Lauda
Thomas Leinster
Wesley Phoa
Andrew Pitts
Edmund Robinson
Craig Snydal
Audrey Tan
Paul Taylor
Joe Templeton
Dominic Verity

John Martin Elliott Hyland is professor of mathematics at King's College in the University of Cambridge, England. His interests include mathematical logic, category theory, and theoretical computer science.[1]

Martin Hyland is best known for his work on category theory applied to logic (proof theory, recursion theory), theoretical computer science (lambda-calculus and semantics) and higher-dimensional algebra. In particular he is known for work on the effective topos (within topos theory) and on game semantics.


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