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Martin Iveson is a British composer known for his audio work within the video games industry and better known for his contributions to the world of music releases. Iveson's music ranges from mainstream house music to deep house, hip-hop, and nu Jazz and he writes under the moniker Atjazz. He also owns and runs Atjazz Record Company.

From his youth skateboarding the frontier towns of North Eastern England, Martin Iveson arrived into the UK's Midland scene in the early 1990s, here he was to take a job at a new computer games development studio Core Design. He left the company 13 years later to concentrate more on his own studio environment in which to channel his musical aspirations further, and invite other musicians and producers to do the same.

The success of his early works including his first EP Story in 1996 led to the well-received album That Something, which was later licensed in Japan by Sony/Kioon in 1998. This debut album also featured cover artwork by Fujio Akatsuka, very well known in Japan for his illustrations and animated cartoons. With two further albums, Labfunk and Labresults following soon after, Atjazz had at this time established himself as a distinct and inspirational voice in the underground music scene.

Iveson has also been a prolific remixer throughout his career remixing and reworking works for artists such as Nitin Sawhney, Bob Sinclar, Jazzanova, Zed Bias & Omar to name but a few and was even requested to rework Henri Mancini's 'The Pink Panther Returns" for EMI Records. He is still remixing heavily as he states that remixing has helped to launch his production techniques forward.

2009 saw him close his label Mantis Recordings due to harsh industry changes and from these ashes came the imprint named Atjazz Record Company. This label concentrates heavily on his productions and collaborations.

Notable works[edit]


The following are Iveson's releases when under his moniker Atjazz.


  • That Something (1999)
  • Labfunk (2001)
  • LabResults (2003)
  • Full Circle (2008)
  • Full Circle – Unreleased Songs & Versions (2010)
  • Atjazz – Pioneers of House (2011)
  • Atjazz – Messages (Papa Records) (2011)
  • Atjazz & Jullian Gomes – The Gift The Curse (2013)

Singles and EPs[edit]

  • Atjazz – Story (1996)
  • Atjazz – Countless E.P. (1997)
  • Atjazz – Joystick (1998)
  • Atjazz – Wind & Sea (1998)
  • Atjazz – Against All Odds (1999)
  • Atjazz – Fifth Quarter (1999)
  • Atjazz – Wind + Sea Pt.2 (1999)
  • Greens Keepers & Atjazz – Extra Spin (2000)
  • Atjazz feat. Dawne B. – Harmony (2000
  • Atjazz – It's Complete (2000)
  • Atjazz – Slide It In (Remixes) (2000)
  • Digs, Whoosh & Atjazz – Jaywalkin' Remixes (2001)
  • Atjazz – Touch The Sun (2001)
  • Atjazz – For Real EP (2006)
  • Atjazz feat. Ernesto – Put It On (2006)
  • Atjazz feat. Mr J – Together (2007)
  • Atjazz – Looking Glass (2007)
  • Atjazz feat. Robert Owens – Love Someone (2007)
  • Atjazz feat. Ernesto & Cee-Rock (The Fury) – Underlined (2008)
  • Atjazz & Yannah Valdevit – City Madness/Info People (2009)
  • Atjazz feat. Dawne B. – Parallels (2009)
  • The RAH Band – Messages From The Stars (Atjazz Remixes) (2010)
  • Mi Casa – La Vida (Atjazz Remix) (2012)
  • Atjazz & Jullian Gomes – Overshadowed (2012)
  • Atjazz – Dry Red Line (2001)
  • Passin Thru (2012)
  • Mellow Baku & The Friday People – Make it Brighter (Atjazz Remix) (2012)
  • Atjazz feat. Amalia – One (Boddhi Satva Remixes) (2012)
  • Atjazz & Fred Everything – The Beast and The Ghost (2012)
  • Atjazz feat. Clara Hill – Sense of Life (QB Smith Remixes)(2012)

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