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Martin Kunert
Born Marcin Kunert-Dziewanowski
Warsaw, Poland [1]
Occupation writer, director, producer, photographer

Martin Kunert (Marcin Stanisław Kunert-Dziewanowski) is a feature film and television writer, director and producer; and since 2010, a photographer. In 2004, Kunert conceived and directed the documentary Voices of Iraq, made by sending 150 DV cameras to Iraqis to film their own lives. MovieMaker Magazine hailed the film as “truly a groundbreaking film…both in terms of its content and the process behind its production.”[2]

Previously, Kunert created and executive produced MTV's Fear, the first reality show to have contestants film themselves. Kunert created the show’s frightening ambiance, developed the oft-mimicked visual and musical style and streamlined the show’s editing process,[3] where on a weekly basis, over 250 hours of contestant generated video was edited into 45-minute episodes. MTV's Fear spawned TV specials, fan clubs, DVDs, and numerous copycat television shows, including NBC’s Fear Factor and VH1’s Celebrity Paranormal Project.

Kunert has also directed television and feature films, including the cult favorite Campfire Tales (starring Amy Smart, Jimmy Marsden, Ron Livingston, and Christine Taylor) for New Line Cinema and Rogue Force (starring Michael Rooker and Robert Patrick) for Miramax. His screenplays include Warner Bros.’ Dodging Bullets for Will Smith and Halle Berry,[4] Paramount’s The Brazilian, and 20th Century Fox’s Hindenburg for Jan de Bont.[5] He created and executive produced “HRT” (starring Michael Rooker and Ernie Hudson) for CBS and Columbia TriStar and “Catch” for CBS. With Doug Liman, Kunert reinvented “CHiPs” for NBC and Warner Bros..[6] He also created the reality show “Mayor” for Columbia TriStar. In 2002, NBC/StudiosUSA signed Kunert to an exclusive writing/directing/producing contract.[7] He wrote and executive produced "Witch Doctor", a TV pilot for Beacon TV and ABC television studios in 2008.

In 2011, DirecTV, Technicolor, and Panasonic got together to finance an experimental 3D film for Kunert to direct and shoot on Panasonic’s new 3D camera systems. As part of it, Technicolor trained Kunert extensively on how to make clean, non-headache inducing, 3D motion images. DirecTV will distribute the 3D film internationally.[8]

Kunert is a graduate of New York University's film school. He is a member of the Directors Guild of America and Writers Guild of America. For photography, he is represented by Photo Artwork Agency.

He was born in Warsaw, Poland and grew up in Westfield, New Jersey before attending the New York Military Academy.[9]


Year Project Credit Studio/Network
2021 The Magic Knight writer Disney Pictures
2020 Emperor of a Thousand years writer Disney Pictures, Shanghai Media Group
2012 Sheriff Gus Skinner: Standing Tall executive producer A&E
2011 Ripper writer, director Booya Studios, DirectTV, Panasonic
2011 Misny Makes Them Pay creator, executive producer Booya Studios
2009 WaterSigns director Imagination9 Productions
2009 Ambrose: All I Ever Wanted director, DP Booya Studios
2008 Witch Doctor writer, executive producer ABC Studios
2008 Miracle Chasers writer, executive producer Columbia Tristar
2008 Fugue State writer, director Booya Studios
2005 Dodging Bullets writer Warner Bros.
2004 Voices of Iraq producer, director Booya Studios, Magnolia Pictures
2002 The Mayor[disambiguation needed] creator, executive producer Columbia Tristar
2003 CHiPs writer, executive producer Warner Bros.
2002 The Brazilian writer Paramount
2002 Catch writer, executive producer CBS
2002 Beautiful People writer, executive producer USA Networks
2001 HRT writer, executive producer CBS, Columbia TriStar
2001 Inside Fear creator, executive producer MTV
2001 Faces of Fear creator, executive producer MTV
2000 MTV's Fear creator, executive producer MTV
1998 Hindenburg writer 20th Century Fox
1998 Renegade Force director Miramax
1997 Campfire Tales writer, director New Line Cinema


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