Martin Larsson (guitarist)

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Martin Larsson
Birth name Martin Larsson
Born 1973
Origin Sweden
Genres Death metal
Occupation(s) Musician
Instruments Guitar
Associated acts The House of Usher, At the Gates, This Quiet Earth, Slaktattack

Martin Larsson is a Swedish heavy metal guitarist. He initially played in The House of Usher from 1990 to 1993. After the band split up, he joined At the Gates, and was their guitarist until they broke up in 1996, and again when they reunited in 2007.

At the Gates (1993-1996, 2007-present)[edit]

Guitarist Alf Svensson parted ways with At the Gates during 1993. Members of the group knew Larsson; they had "met him" during concerts, and had played alongside Larsson's group The House of Usher on one or two occasions. According to bandmember Anders Björler, Larsson "felt like a good substitute.[1] When asked what each At the Gates member contributed to the group's overall sound, Björler said that Larsson "didn't write that much music, though he's a great guitarist".[1] Larsson was present for At the Gates' reunion tour in 2008. The band has continued playing live since, and announced that they will release their fifth album At War with Reality in late 2014.


With The House of Usher[edit]

With At the Gates[edit]


  • "Terminal Spirit Disease" (1994)
  • "Blinded by Fear" (1995)


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