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Martin Long (born 26 August 1950) is a businessman and founder of the Churchill Insurance Company.


Long began his career working in a number of insurance companies. He went on to become managing director of Halifax Insurance.[1]

Together with Peter Wood, he founded Direct Line in 1985, the first telephone-only insurance company in the UK.[2] Four years later, Long broke away to form Churchill, a company he would manage himself until its purchase by the Royal Bank of Scotland in 2003,[3] a deal that is said to have earned Long £50 million.[2] He retained his job of running Churchill until 2004, when he left to set up his own property company.[2]

Long was also one of the owners of Crystal Palace Football Club, holding 25% of the club's shares.[4] After American investors Josh Harris and David Blitzer made a deal with Crystal Palace F.C., Long now holds 2.5% with the Americans and Steve Parish being the majority share holders.


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