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Postage stamp of Latvia engraved by Martin Mörck

Martin Mörck (8 June 1955) is a Norwegian artist[1] and engraver of postage stamps and banknotes.

Mörck was born 8 June 1955 in Gothenburg, Sweden into a family of artists; a mother being a textile artist and a father being a graphic designer. He began a study of shipbuilding, a study he did not complete. 1975, after a study in art, he became apprentice as an engraver under the supervision of Arne Wallhorn at the Swedish postal service. Mörcks first postage stamp engraving is of a tawny owl and was issued as a Swedish postage stamp. Since then, Mörck has had more than 600 engravings issued as postage stamps,[2] primarily engraved for the postal services of the Nordic countries, but also for the postal services of France, Monaco, Canada and others.


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