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Martin Nyrop.

Martin Nyrop (11 November 1849 – 18 May 1921) was a Danish architect. [1]


Nyrop was born at Holmsland on Jutland, Denmark. He attended Sorø Academy and completed his course of study at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in 1876. From 1881-83, he studied abroad under a scholarship. From 1883-93, he was an assistant to professor Hans Jørgen Holm. Nyrop was awarded the Grand Prix for design at the Exposition Universelle at Paris in 1900. In 1906, he became a professor at the Academy of Fine Arts School of Architecture and served as director of the Academy of Fine Arts for periods between 1908-18.[2]

Nyrop designed the Copenhagen City Hall (1905) in National Romantic style and the majority of the buildings for the Nordic Industrial, Agricultural and Art Exhibition in Copenhagen (1888). [3] [4] [5]

Selected buildings[edit]


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