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Martin Smith is Professor of Robotics at Middlesex University [1] in north London, UK. He is also President of the Cybernetics Society in the UK. [2]

Smith was awarded Freedom of the City of London,[3] [1]and was awarded the Public Awareness of Physics Award by the Institute of Physics.[3]

Television appearances[edit]

Smith has appeared on many television programmes: as a technical presenter on the BBC television programme Techno Games [3] and as a judge on Robot Wars. He was a judge and programme consultant on Channel 4's Scrapheap Challenge [3] [1]and technical presenter on Granada TV's Mutant Machines. [3] [1]He has also appeared on Tomorrow's World,[3] Tomorrow's World Live at the NEC,[3] and the Royal Institution Christmas Lectures series entitled The Rise of Robots.[3][1]


Smith is a member of the editorial boards of Kybernetes: The International Journal of Cybernetics and Systems,[4] The International Journal of Advanced Robotic Systems, The International Journal of Applied Systemic Studies, the International Journal of General Systems, and The International Journal of Social Robotics. He is a Director of the World Organisation of Systems and Cybernetics.[5]

Former posts[edit]

He has held posts as Visiting Research Professor in Robotics at the Open University,[3] Professor at the University of Central England UK, (now Birmingham City University)[1][3] and at the University of East London (UK)[3] where he was founder and Head of the Mobile Robots Research Unit.[1]


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