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Martin Suter

Martin Suter (born February 29, 1948 in Zürich) is a Swiss author. He became known for his weekly column Business Class in the Weltwoche newspaper (1992–2004), now appearing in the Tages-Anzeiger, and another column appearing in "NZZ Folio". Suter has published nine novels, for which he received various awards.[1] He is married and lives in Spain and Guatemala.

Suter worked previously as a copywriter and creative director in advertising before he decided to fully concentrate on his writing career in 1991. He achieved his break-through with his novel Small World in 1997, which was published by Diogenes Verlag.


  • Small World, novel, 1997
  • Beresina oder Die letzten Tage der Schweiz (Beresina, or the Last Days of Switzerland, directed by Daniel Schmid), screenplay, 1999
  • Business Class, collected columns, 2000
  • Die dunkle Seite des Mondes (The Dark Side of the Moon), novel, 2000
  • Ein perfekter Freund (A Perfect Friend), novel, 2002
  • Lila, Lila (Violet, Violet), novel, 2004
  • Huber spannt aus (Huber relaxes), collected columns, 2005
  • Der Teufel von Mailand (A Deal with the Devil), novel, 2006
  • Der letzte Weynfeldt (The Last Weynfeldt), novel, 2008 (to be published in English by New Vessel Press, 2016)
  • Der Koch, (The Chef 978-1-78239-061-9 2013) novel, 2010
  • Allmen und die Libellen (Allmen and the Dragonflies), novel, 2010
  • Allmen und der rosa Diamant (Allmen and the Pink Diamond), novel, 2011
  • Abschalten, 2012
  • Die Zeit, Die Zeit, 2012
  • Allmen und die Dahlien (Allmen and the Dahlias), novel, 2013
  • Montecristo, novel, 2015[2]


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