Martin Walkyier

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Martin Walkyier
Birth nameMartin Walkyier
Born (1967-09-20) 20 September 1967 (age 54)[1][2]
GenresHeavy metal
Folk metal
Thrash metal
Occupation(s)Vocalist, Songwriter
Years active1985–present
Associated actsSkyclad

Martin Walkyier (born 20 September 1967) is an English singer known for his participation in bands Sabbat and Skyclad.[3] The late Metal Hammer journalist Detlef Dengler called Walkyier a "great lyricist" known for his multitude of words and "brilliant puns. "Yet Walkyier was never asked to write lyrics for other bands, "unfortunately" as he says.[3] Author Paul Stenning has referred to Walkyier as a "lyrical genius".[4]


Walkyier was born on 20 November 1967 as the only child of Roy and Eve Walkyier. At the age of eight, he began to be interested in acting and poetry and started to play guitar. Fascinated by bands like Witchfynde he formed Hydra and later Sabbat with Fraser Craske

Walkyier quit his job as a truck driver to invest more time in his music although he would have no secure income. He left Sabbat in 1990 and returned with Skyclad--a band that mixed heavy metal with folk music and pioneered folk metal.

After the release of ten albums, Walkyier was broke. He later said that: "The insight that you can't live on dreaming came too late. Unfair contracts, incompetent advisers, wrong decisions, and my naivety almost broke my neck. I ended up feeling like in a marriage not divorced because of the children."

Walkyier left Skyclad and started working as a night watchman for a furniture store, gave occasional concerts under the name Return to the Sabbat, and started the company Prick Tees, which designs and produces T-shirts.[3]

Walkyier helped out bassist Iscariah when he moved to England with his family. Walkyier got him a flat and a job for his wife. It took two years to organize everything before they could seriously work on Walkyier's new band: The Clan Destined.

Walkyier had to help his frail mother and his ill father while The Clan Destined faded into the background. According to Walkyier, Iscariah left without telling him why and abandoned him. However, he finished In the Big Ending, but was disillusioned and announced it would be his last musical work. However promised his father on his deathbed that he would continue. Roy Walkyier died in early 2007.

Martin Walkyier structured and arranged the music previously composed by Iscariah. The final album features a DVD with a video to the song "A Beautiful Start to the End of the World," inspired by the novel Aimée und Jaguar. Although, according to Metal Hammer journalist Detlef Dengler: the video "is professional and looks very expensive" according to Walkyier: "it cost almost nothing." He continues: "The Clan Destined consist of Pagans with a common life philosophy as artists, designers, and filmmakers.[3]

Sabbat reformed in 2006 to play shows.[3]

In late 2008, Walkyier finished the recordings for The Clan Destined's debut album and recorded vocals for Hell's debut album. "Hell and especially their singer Dave Halliday were my idols in the early 1980s. My friends all listened to Metallica, but I felt attracted to bands with image and true personality. The theatrics of bands like Hell influenced me tremendously."

With Walkyier's friend Andy Sneap also "a fanatic Hell supporter" they approached the remaining three members after Halliday's suicide and offered to help them out as singer and guitarist and give the old songs a modern production.[3]

Walkyier also contributed guest vocals for Cradle of Filth and Forgodsake.[3]

In 2008 or 2009, Walkyier announced he was working on a rock opera. The story titled: Plugging Hellfire was published in Devolution magazine,. It was illustrated by Neil Sims with a biography supported by Paul Stenning.[3]

In October 2009, Walkyier announced that he is working upon writing and recording some brand-new material for The Clan Destined.[5]


With Sabbat[edit]

With Skyclad[edit]

With The Clan Destined[edit]

Guest appearances[edit]

During Walkyier's career, he has made several guest vocal appearances such as:

  • A verse in the Forgodsake song "Skyhigh" from the Blasthead album (1994)
  • Guest vocals on Cradle of Filth's cover of the Sabbat track "For Those Who Died" on Midian (2000) and on the song "The Snake-Eyed and the Venomous" from the deluxe edition of Thornography (2006)
  • Guest Vocals on Torsohorse song "Face To Face" from 2006 album No Going Back
  • Guest vocals on Skiltron's cover of the Running Wild track "Ballad of William Kidd" from the ReUnation - A Tribute to Running Wild album (2009)
  • Verse on "Female Drugthing" on Pyogenesis' Love Nation Sugarhead EP, Nuclear Blast 1997
  • Guest vocals on Tuatha de Danann's "Rhymes Against Humanity" from their 2015 album Dawn of a New Sun and on the song "Your Wall Shall Fall" from their 2019 EP "The Tribes of Witching Souls".


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