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Martín Werner Wainfeld is a partner at Goldman Sachs, and Managing Director and Co-Head of Latin America Investment Banking.[1]

In 1994, Werner[2] was appointed assistant director of telecommunications in Mexico's Zedillo administration. When the Mexican economy plummeted, the Ministry of Finance hired Werner as Undersecretary, to help with the economic recovery. In the end, Mexico repaid its loans ahead of scheduled.

Werner is Israeli-Argentinian, so he was ineligible for the Mexican presidency. He also worried that another political party might get into power in the 2000 elections. Therefore, Werner joined Goldman Sachs.


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He is a full-fledged native-born Mexican who grew up in Mexico, went to school in Mexico – he is on the board of the local American School Foundation. He has a bachelor's degree from ITAM and a Ph.D. in economics from Yale University class '91. His parents are from the Argentine, but they are Mexican residents for over 50 years and naturalized ctizens.