Martin family (All My Children)

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Martin family
All My Children family
Created by Agnes Nixon
Introduced by Bud Kloss
Duration 1970–2011, 2013
First appearance January 5, 1970
Last appearance September 2, 2013

The Martin family is a fictional family on the popular ABC daytime soap opera, All My Children.

The Martin family have been the cornerstone of Pine Valley since All My Children’s inception in 1970. Even before Joe Martin married Ruth Martin, Kate Martin was a symbol of stability and strong family values. Nowadays, Joe spends his days balancing his work as a doctor, and the tumultuous love lives of his many children and grandchildren. As of 2009, Joe and Ruth Martin have since retired and moved to Florida.

Family tree[edit]

Henry Martin
Kate Martin
Helen Martin
Joe Martin
Ruth Brent
Paul Martin
Anne Tyler
Jeff Martin
Erica Kane
Bobby Martin
Phil Brent
Tara Martin
Jim Jefferson
Jake Martin
Amanda Dillon
Brooke English
Tad Martin
Dixie Cooney
Hillary Wilson
Krystal Carey
Beth Martin
Josh Madden
Cecily Davidson
Charlie Brent
Kelsey Jefferson
Bobby Warner
Trevor Martin
Jamie Martin
Kathy Martin
Damon Miller
Jenny Martin
Nick Brent
Phil Brent II
Sam Grey


  • Henry Martin (deceased); married Kate Martin (dissolved)
    • Joe Martin; Henry and Kate's son; married Helen Martin (widowed), Ruth Parker (1972–)
      • Jeff Martin; Joe and Helen's son; married Erica Kane (1971–74), Mary Kennicott (1974), Chris Karrass (1978–2006)
      • Tara Martin; Joe and Helen's daughter; married Chuck Tyler (1972–75), Phillip Brent (1976–81), Jim Jefferson (1981)
        • Charlie Brent (1972–); Tara and Phillip's son; married Cecily Davidson (1995–)
          • Nick Brent (1995–); Charlie and Cecily's son
          • Philip Joseph Brent, II (2000–); Charlie and Cecily's son
        • Kelsey Jefferson (1985–); Tara and Jim's daughter; married Bobby Warner (1996–97)
          • Sam Grey (1990–); Kelsey and Bobby's son
      • Bobby Martin; Joe and Helen's son (who went to the attic in search of his skis and has never been seen or missed since)
      • Tad Martin; Joe and Ruth's adopted son; married Dottie Thornton (1984–85), Hillary Wilson (1986), Dixie Cooney (1989–90, 1994–96, 1999–2002), Brooke English (1993–94), Krystal Carey (2007–09)
      • Jake Martin (1979–); Joe and Ruth's son; married Emily Ann Sago (1990–91), Gillian Andrassy (2000–01), Dr. Carolyn Finn (2003–08), Amanda Dillon (2009–)
    • Paul Martin; Henry and Kate's son; married Anne Tyler (1972–74, 1976–81), Margo Flax (1974–76)
      • Beth Martin (1976–77); Paul and Anne's daughter

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