Martin ministry (1866–68)

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Second Martin ministry
10th cabinet of the Colony of New South Wales
Justice James Martin.jpg Australian states history 13.gif
Premier James Martin and the Colony of New South Wales (1863–1900)
Date formed 22 January 1866 (1866-01-22)
Date dissolved 26 October 1868 (1868-10-26)
People and organisations
Head of state Queen Victoria (represented by Sir John Young, and subsequently The Earl Belmore)
Head of government James Martin
No. of ministers 9
Member party unaligned
Status in legislature Minority government
Opposition party unaligned
Opposition leader
Predecessor Fourth Cowper ministry
Successor Second Robertson ministry

The second Martin ministry was the tenth ministry of the Colony of New South Wales, and second of three occasions of being led by the Honourable James Martin, QC.

Martin was elected in the first free elections for the New South Wales Legislative Assembly held in 1856. He came to power as Premier on the first occasion after he defeated Charles Cowper's government fell in October 1863.[1] Martin was asked to form government on the second occasion, this time in coalition with his former rival, Henry Parkes, after Cowper again lost the conifidence of the Assembly in December 1865.[1]

The title of Premier was widely used to refer to the Leader of Government, but not enshrined in formal use until 1920.

There was no party system in New South Wales politics until 1887. Under the constitution, ministers were required to resign to recontest their seats in a by-election when appointed. These by-elections are only noted when the minister was defeated; in general, he was elected unopposed.

This ministry covers the period from 22 January 1866 until 26 October 1868, when Martin resigned.[2]

Composition of ministry[edit]

Portfolio Minister Term start Term end Term length
Hon. James Martin MLA 22 January 1866 26 October 1868 2 years, 278 days
Colonial Secretary Hon. Henry Parkes MLA 17 September 1868 2 years, 239 days
Hon. Joseph Docker MLC 28 September 1868 26 October 1868 28 days
Representative of the Government in Legislative Council 22 January 1866 2 years, 278 days
Postmaster-General 27 September 1868 2 years, 249 days
Colonial Treasurer Hon. Geoffrey Eagar MLA 26 October 1868 2 years, 278 days
Secretary for Lands Hon. John Wilson MLA
Secretary for Public Works Hon. James Byrnes MLA
Solicitor-General Hon. Robert Isaacs MLA
Postmaster-General Hon. Atkinson Tighe MLA 29 September 1868 27 days

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Preceded by
Fourth Cowper ministry)
Second Martin ministry
Succeeded by
Second Robertson ministry)