Martin of Laon

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Martin was the count of Laon in the late 7th century.


Also known as Martin of Herstal, he was the son of Ansegisel, and grandson of Arnulf of Metz. Martin's mother was Begga, daughter of Pepin of Landen. Their marriage united the two houses of the Pippinids and the Arnulfings which created what would later be called the Carolingian dynasty.

He was brother to Pepin of Herstal, and through his sister, Clotilda, brother-in-law of Theuderic III, King of Neustria. The abbess Gertrude of Nivelles was his maternal aunt.

Duke of Laon[edit]

In 678, Martin and his brother Pepin, mayor of the palace of Austrasia, met in battle the Neustrian mayor Ebroin, who had designs on all Francia. Ebroin defeated the Austrasians at Lucofao (Bois-du-Fay, near Laon). Pepin escaped; Martin made it back to Laon, where he was assassinated on Ebroin's orders.

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