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Martine Diederik Wittop Koning (1870–1963) was a Dutch nutrition expert and writer of cook books.[1] She was born in Goch, Germany and died in Huizen, The Netherlands.[2] She taught French as a young woman, but later started writing cook books and became a rather successful writer. Titles include Big vegetarian cook book (Dutch: Groot vegetarisch kookboek), The vegetarian dinner (Dutch:Het vegetarisch middagmaal), Vegetable salad recipes (Dutch: Rauwkost recepten), Our twelve o'clock lunch hour (Dutch:Ons twaalfuurtje), Food in children's homes (Dutch:Voeding in kindertehuizen) and In search of mushrooms (Dutch: Paddestoelen zoeken). She lived a long healthy life, spanning 93 years.[3]


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