Martino Altomonte

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Martino Altomonte

Martino Altomonte, born Johann Martin Hohenberg (8 May 1657, Naples – 14 September 1745, Vienna) was an Italian Baroque painter of Austrian descent who mainly worked in Poland and Austria.

Life and work[edit]

Hohenberg's father was born in the Tyrol and emigrated to Naples. Young Hohenberg learned painting as an apprentice to Giovanni Battista Gaulli.[1]

In 1684 Hohenberg became the court painter of John III Sobieski,[2] king of Poland, and changed his name to Altomonte upon the occasion. In Warsaw he painted mostly battle scenes (for example, the Siege of Vienna) and religious works. His son Bartolomeo Altomonte, also a painter, was born in 1694.

Altomonte moved to Vienna c.1699-1702, where he remained for the rest of his life, creating many frescoes and altarpieces.



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