Marty Munsch

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Marty Munsch
Birth nameMartin Munsch
GenresPunk Rock
Occupation(s)Producer, engineer
Years active1982 - present

Marty Munsch is an American music producer and recording engineer who worked extensively with punk rock and Post-Punk as well as sub-genre bands. His career has spanned over three decades.

Record production[edit]

Munsch founded Punk Rock Records in 1983 and Northern Front Records in 1987. He produced and released material by Joe Strummer, U.S. Chaos, TSOL, U.K. Subs, Violent Society's Not Enjoyin' It.[1] The Rise Of Punk[2][3][4]

Production, post-production, engineering, and mastering[edit]

  • 2015 "When I'm Alone", The Antics - Producer, Engineer[5][6][7]
  • 2014 "Send It Out", The Antics - Producer, Engineer[8][9]
  • 2006 "Live At CBGB's", TSOL - Producer, Engineer [10]
  • 1995 "Not Enjoyin' It", Violent Society (V1.0)
  • 1996 "The Rise Of Punk", Violent Society
  • 1999 "From The Vaults", Violent Society, Producer, Mastering, Various
  • 2005 "I Told You Once", Broken Heroes, Producer, Mastering
  • 1999 "Not Enjoyin' It", Violent Society, Producer (V2.0)
  • 1997 "New Dawn in 21st Century", The Suspects, Engineer, Producer, Mastering
  • 1996 "Punk Dwellings", Producer
  • 1988 "The Sex Pistols", Revolution In The Classroom, Mastering, Compilation (U.S. Version City/Skyclad Release)

Films and books[edit]

  • Munsch appears in the 2008 film All Grown Up The Movie by Andrea Witting.[11] And had produced and mastered U.S. Chaos release "For Being Young" that appeared on the soundtrack of film "Pariah".


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