Marty Munsch

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Marty Munsch
Birth name Martin Munsch
Genres Punk Rock
Occupation(s) Producer, engineer
Years active 1982 - present

Marty Munsch is an American music producer. Munsch has worked extensively with punk rock bands, both as a producer and a recording engineer.

Record production[edit]

Munsch founded Punk Rock Records in 1983 and Northern Front Records in 1987. He produced and released material by U.S. Chaos among other artists.[1] Munsch primarily operates from Twain Recording in Northern New Jersey, and sometimes Inner Ear Studios in the Washington DC area. Munsch has produced over 30 LP's and 25 singles for different artists including Violent Society, The Suspects, Broken Heroes, The Dead Heroes and recently The Antics.


Crediting his engineering influences by the early Phil Spector, Robert Both, Guy Stevens, Sandy Pearlman and guitarist Chris Spedding. Munsch was facinated with 1/4 inch reel to reel tape recording equipment and started garage recording of local musicians at an early age. He later became an assistant live engineer, in the early 1980's at the Capitol Theater in Passaic, New Jersey. He was then called up as an emergency stand in assistant, for The Clash during their infamous summer foray at New York City's Bonds International Casino in 1981. He continued engineering at the Pipeline Club in Newark New Jersey for over a decade while operating as a duplication mastering engineer for CPI, in Northern New Jersey. Munsch is also career Telecommunications Network Engineer and commercial art photographer.

Films & Books[edit]

Munsch appears in the 2008 film All Grown Up The Movie by Andrea Witting.[citation needed]


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