Marty Munsch

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Marty Munsch
Birth name Martin Munsch
Genres Punk Rock
Occupation(s) Producer, engineer
Years active 1982 - present

Marty Munsch is an American music producer. Munsch has worked extensively with punk rock bands, both as a producer and a recording engineer. His career has spanned over 3 decades.

Record production[edit]

Munsch founded Punk Rock Records in 1983 and Northern Front Records in 1987. He produced and released material by U.S. Chaos among other artists.[1] [2]

Production, post-production, engineering, and mastering[edit]

  • 2015 "When I'm Alone", The Antics - Producer, Engineer[3][4][5]
  • 2014 "Send It Out", The Antics - Producer, Engineer[6][7]

Films and books[edit]

  • Munsch appears in the 2008 film All Grown Up The Movie by Andrea Witting.[8]


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